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China ROC Sourcing-Your Trustable sourcing agency,Loyal business partner and Specialist for tool products here in China, We can bring you not only the rich sources for any products you want,but also: . Risk Control Evaluate and identify a supplier whether its trustable and reliable; . Cost Control Make sure you got the most reasonable and competitive price; . Order Control Make sure your orders will goes exactly right as you wished; . Production Supervision Keep an eye on the production of your orders; . Quality Control Make product inspection before container loading; . Delivery Confirmation Make sure the right goods which you order will be deliveried in right quantity,size..etc and right time; . Logistic Assistance Help you do the booking and forwarder contacting matters; and all professional service we could offer upon your request,to make your business being more safe,satisfactory and promptly. Catch us for more. Pendy Sale Manager at China ROC Sourcing

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    , , Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 8613484019816
    Tel. +48 13484019816
    Fax +48 8011555555
    WWW: Add www

Our products:

  • tool cabinet,tool box,tool case

    Hardwares and Tools: .Sanitary Hardware .Construction Hardware .General Hardware .Mechanical Hardware .Hand Tool .Tool Packing .Power Tools .Garden Tool .Lifting Tool .Cleaning Tool .Kitchen Tool .Measuring & Gauging Tools

Contact persons

  • Pendy Yang

    Telefon: +48 8613484019816
    Fax: +48 13484019816
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